Our in-depth knowledge of natural marble stones enables us to source marble from quarries around the world. We have working relationships with some of the best quarries, supplying us with vast varieties of natural stones and enabling us to buy at competitive prices.

Since the quality of marble is different with each quarry, our extensive knowledge is crucial when it comes to sourcing products that fulfil the customer’s requirements. We can supply rare and custom products which will be delivered on schedule, whether it’s marble, travertine, onyx, quartzite, granite, or any other natural stone.



Professional marble installation is necessary to bring out the beauty and elegance in marble works. Our installation teams have over two-decades of experience, installing natural stone into the most prestigious properties around the world.

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Installation of a natural marble stone on a fireplace



The different types of natural stones have their beauty and potential, however, it is the marble fabrication procedure that transforms a piece of unrefined stone into a work of art.

Our workshops are equipped with the latest machinery, guaranteeing our trademark professionalism through precise measurements, digital templating, automated fabrication, perfect edging, polishing, cutting, and custom shaping. After the stone-work is complete, we transport the finished product to your location for installation and finish, adhering to industry-standard health and safety precautions.

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Fabrication of natural marble stone to use on an installation



Our marble maintenance team provides comprehensive stone maintenance services from residential building to hotels and public building. We have the experience, equipment, and technical competence to transform your stone surfaces. Our marble maintenance procedure may include marble grinding, epoxy treatment, marble stripping, re-sanding, marble sealing, cleaning, and polishing. The combination of services we recommend depends on the state of the marble in an indoor or outdoor environment.

man polishing marble floor in modern office building


Although minimal effort, the maintenance of your natural stone is vital for preserving the vibrant appearance of your installation.

All natural stone fabrications leave pre-sealed, and all quartz stones are pre-sealed by the supplier. Sealer permeates the stone creating a barrier against the penetration of oil, grease, dirt and water. For granite you simply need apply one coat every 12 months.

To fully prevent marks and stain, spillages of any liquid must be cleaned quickly. Hot pans must not be put directly on the surface. Please use a heat mat or Trivet. Stone surfaces are scratch resistant, but we recommend a chopping board when cutting.

For everyday cleaning of granite or marble, we recommend warm soapy water and a dry towel. For tough stains we recommend Lithofin Powerclean, which is available along with all other products from our tile showroom.